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MES EXPÉRIENCES QUELQUES EXEMPLES DE DIFFÉRENTES PÉRIODES: Pourquoi le nu avec les formes abstraits ?...


PHOTOGRAPHIE, Abstraction _ light :


I am an Iranian- French artist. I have experienced different eras in my artistic life. In each era, I experimented with different styles and media regarding the situation and my mentality at that time. I started by painting imaginary landscapes with combining colored pencil and watercolor. Later on, I was attracted towards old architecture. Taking photos of different locations, I tried to reproduce distinctive atmosphere using materials such as oil and bitumen as mediums of my paintings. In the next era, I experimented with adding materials such as colored powder, glue, sawdust, and other materials into bitumen.

Since I’ve been to France, visiting different museums, art galleries, festivals, and …, my understanding of the visual art has been changed and I’ve been touched by the modern art influences on the history of art. Actually, this close acquaintance with western art made me review and reappraise my artistic project, and try to find a new and free way of expression based on my experience enhanced by this new understanding of contemporary art. For the moment, I’m working kind of abstraction in the light of new findings from living in Europe. Regarding the style and form, I’ve chosen acrylic, airbrush, ink, and magic markers. And, who knows what tomorrow brings?

Born on 1960 in Tehran (Iran)

Graduate of the “University Art “in Tehran (Iran) in 1993

Arrived in France on 2001

               In France


2015-2018   Salon in Lyon and Palais to Bondy, 69005 Lyon ,

             The Secret Art Place in LYON 69001 Individual,

2014     Salon d'Automne in Paris,

             The Ô'BO shop, 27 cours Franklin Roosevelt Lyon 6,  

              Art's Vice N6 May 2014,


2013     The Secret Art Place for individual 69001 LYON,

2012     Society of Friends of the Arts CHARLIEU 42 (Spring Salon).

2010     With ROMANE in Lyon, 69009,                                      

2008     INTER-ARTS Collective, Lyon, 69005,                    

2006     City Hall, individual, Cook and Caluire, 69300,   

2005     I 'allegro Miribel, collective, Miribel 01700, At Le Bistrot                    pitcher individual In 69001 LYON,

              Single Tango Restaurant in 69001 LYON, 

2003     At the 2003 Créteil individual MJC in Paris,           

              At the Kindergarten school Congis, 77440, individual.     

              A social hotel in Gagny, 93220, individual.             

2002     With Bernard Devisme 2002 in Paris 13th, 75656,


      In Iran


1999   Gallery Seyhoun, Collective, No. 11, 4th Alley, Vozara Avenue, Tehran, 

            Gallery Sabz, individual, Vali Asr Avenue, Tehran, Iran

1998   Gallery Niavaran Park, Collective, at the end of Pasdaran Avenue, Tehran,

1997   Barg Gallery, individual, No. 12/1 Street Daman Afshar, Vali Asr Avenue,                   Tehran,

            Museum of Contemporary Art, Biennial, Tehran,

            Seyhoun Gallery, Collective, No. 11, 4th Alley, Vozara Avenue, Tehran,

1996   Laleh Gallery, Collective, Laleh Hotel, Fatemi Street, Tehran,

            Gallery Sabz, Collective, Avenue Vali Asr Ave, Tehran,

1994    Barg Gallery, individual, No. 12/1 Street Daman.Afshar, Avenue.Vali Asr,                   Tehran,

1995    Museum of Contemporary Art Biennial, Tehran,

1993    Gallery Seyhoun, Collective, No. 11, 4th Alley, Vozara Avenue, Tehran,

1992    Aria Gallery, Collective, No. 10 Rue Zarin, Vali Asr Avenue, Tehran,

1991    Barg Gallery, individual, No. 12.1 Daman Afshar Street, Vali Asr Street,

1989    Gallery Niavaran Park, Collective, at the end of Pasdaran Avenue, Tehran,

1987    University Library of Art, individual, Vali Asr Intersection, Tehran,

            Golestan Gallery, Collective, No. 34 Rue Kamasaie, Darrous Street, Tehran,


 IN RESEARCH   I am looking for a workshop. However…in the meantime, my studio is in my apartment.